Pheromones control lepidopteran pests in grape vine and apple in Trentino, Italy
  • Grape vine (Vitis vinifera) and apple (Malus domestica)/ IT/ area-wide mating disruption pheromone against lepidopteran pests
  • Local cooperative coordinated area wide mating disruption (32 000Ha) in grape vines and apple orchards  to manage lepidopteran pests



  • Technical result: Successful control of lepidopteran pest is 32000 Ha of vine and apple orchards
  • Economic result: Residue free, quality grapes and apples enter market at higher price
  • Sustainability (ecological, social and economical) Gains:


    • Species specific pest control, respecting natural enemies
    • Increased biodiversity enabling resilient grape and apple cropping systems
    • Enabling regenerative apple and grape cropping systems


    • Demonstrates good governance (preventative approach) and successful teamwork
    • Enables worker and consumer health and wellbeing
    • Promotes quality nutritious grape production


    • Supports farmers’ livelihood and value distribution
    • Improvement of financial viability
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