Mating disruption replaces insecticide in Vines in Switzerland
  • Grape vine (Vitis vinifera)/ FR/ mating disruption pheromone/ Lobesia botrana
  • In response to the resistance problem of a widespread lepidopteran pest, farmers installed a small pilot trial with mating disruption in close collaboration with research agency and agronomists for close monitoring. Other farmers adopted the practice after confirming its efficacy in colleagues fields.




  • Technical result: : After successful pilot project, mating disruption was adopted area wide amongst farmer’s association
  • Economic result: Residue free, quality grapes enter market at higher price
  • Sustainability (ecological, social and economical) Gains:


    • Species specific pest control, respecting natural enemies
    • Reduction in reliance on chemical pesticides
    • Increased biodiversity enabling resilient vine cropping systems


    • Demonstrates good governance (preventative approach) and successful teamwork
    • Enables worker and consumer health and wellbeing
    • Promotes quality nutritious grape production


    • Circular approach reduces loss and waste
    • Supports farmers’ livelihood and value distribution
    • Improvement of financial viability
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kindly provided by:
Luc Pellet (wine-grower), Patrik Kehrli (researcher, Agroscope) and Pierre-Joseph Charmillot (former researcher at Agroscope)
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