Several biocontrol solutions against pest and diseases in arables in France
  • Maize, Wheat, Canola, Beet root / FR /Trichogramma, Elicitor, Fe-phosphate, S /Corn borer, Septoriosis, slugs, Cercosporium



  • Technical result: Better pest control due to safeguarding natural enemies, naturally present
  • Economic result: Lower overall cost of control and better production yield
  • Sustainability (ecological, social and economical) Gains:


    • Reduced reliance on chemical pesticides
    • Increased biodiversity enabling resilient arable cropping systems
    • Enables regenerative land use practices: respecting natural enemies


    • Demonstrates good governance
    • Enables worker and consumer health and wellbeing
    • Promotes quality nutritious arable crop production


    • Better yield and production at lower cost
    • Supports farmers’ livelihood and value distribution
    • Improvement of financial viability
pest_solution wheel-sustainable-development-goals
kindly provided by:
IBMA France – Edouard Billard, producer in Intréville (Eure-et-Loir), France
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