COS OGA controls powdery mildew in strawberry in France
  • Strawberry (Fragaria spp.)/ FR/ natural plant elicitor COS OGA/ Sphaerotheca macularis
  • Many chemical residues are reported in conventional strawberry crops, these may cause problems for consumer health. Reduction of treatment frequency (IFT) in France have forced the growers towards sustainable disease control which is beneficial to human and environmental health
  • Export restrictions lowering maximum residue levels (MRL’S.) have forced the growers towards disease control which is beneficial to human and environmental health.
  • Product mimics natural plant defence mechanisms and activates plant defence mechanism in an innovative preventative way





  • Technical result: producers report excellent efficacy , 20-30% reduction in chemical fungicide sprayin
  • Economic result: residue free strawberries enter market at higher price
  • Sustainability (ecological, social and economical) Gains:


    • Reduction in reliance on chemical pesticides
    • Conserves biodiversity enabling resilient vine cropping systems
    • Enables regenerative land use practices


    • Enables worker and consumer health and wellbeing
    • Promotes quality nutritious strawberry production
    • Demonstrates good governance (preventative approach)


    • Circular approach reduces loss and waste
    • Supports farmers’ livelihood and value distribution
    • Improvement of financial viability
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