Beneficial nematodes (EPN) control leatherjackets in turf grass in UK
  • Turf grass (Poa spp.) /UK/ beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae)/ leatherjackets (Tipula paludosa)
  • Highly damaged Turf grass golf court, made the Course manager of the Neath Golf Club reach out




  • Technical result: Leatherjacket reduction over 80% across 21 trial sites after one year of treatment with Steinernema feltiae, due to efficient searching of nematodes for cryptic root pest
  • Economic result: Recovery of golf court in a more economical way than chemical control
  • Sustainability (ecological, social and economical) Gains:


    • Enables regenerative land use practices
    • Reduction in reliance on chemical pesticides, pollution
    • Increased biodiversity enabling resilient grass ecosystems


    • Demonstrates good governance through close technical collaboration
    • Enables worker and sports men health and safety


    • Promotes quality and healthy grass lands
    • Improvement of financial viability , by lowering input costs
    • Ensures the existence of healthy grassland on the long term



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